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helping organizations build a framework and environment that promotes diversity and inclusion

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Diversity & Inclusion
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Design With Diversity
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Unique action plan to be created using Current State Assessment and Gap analysis specific to your organization and goals.

Educate and Empower Leaders with industry best practices that will propel your organization towards a better tomorrow.

Designing inclusive interior and exterior space within your organizations that will allow everyone to feel belonging and inclusivity, allowing them to thrive.

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Productivity & Morale

Diversity and Inclusion leads to greater return on capital investment, an increase in return on sales, and a return on equity.

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About Us

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Negar Khalandi

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Chief Designer: As a co-founder, Negar Khalandi has a passion in developing design with a purpose. Negar has a broad set of experiences in design, engineering and user experience. Her educational background in Mechanical Engineering, Human Factors and Usability Testing complement her drive to transcend design and functionality. She has over a decade of experience in a fortune 100 corporation leading engineering solutions in a manufacturing environment, developing and implementing strategies to embed User Experience into business operations.


Helina Covington

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Chief Strategist: Co-founder Helina Covington has dedicated her career to champion and celebrate diversity and inclusion across every boardroom and school hallway.  She has lead organizations to develop, execute, and sustain their corporate strategic initiatives, which includes driving an inclusive culture. As a six sigma greenbelt and lean certified leader, her experience has allowed her to assess and aid organizations utilizing a multitude of tools sets.  She holds a BA in Business Management and Marketing and a MBA in Finance. 

Diversity Inclusion and Design Consultants

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having a voice
having your voice heard

About Us


Below we’ve provided some info on how we work, for any additional questions please give us a call.

How can I schedule a consultation and how much can I expect to pay?

Scheduling a consultation can be done by contacting us through our company email or phone.  We will reach out for a intake meeting, where we will gather requirements for your project and begin to formulate a custom solution.  Consultation is at no cost.

What are some best practices I can do today to create a more inclusive culture?

One of the first things we recommend is to have discussions with your staff and customers.  Understanding where your organization is on the scale, will help develop next steps to move further along the maturity path.  Having dialogue sends a message that creating an inclusive culture is a priority and that goes a long way.

Do you offer discounts?

Realize K&C is happy to offer discounts to organizations in the education fields.

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